The little things you miss the most

I was watching TV in bed last night and I saw a scene featuring a photocopier that kept jamming.  A flood of memories came back to me about the printer in my old office – it would jam up constantly and crinkle pages beyond belief.  The thing is… I miss that bloody printer!  It got me thinking just how much I miss everything about that office.  My little safe-haven, neat and tidy… everything at a precise angle and dust free. Continue reading

Fighting for equality

As a young teenager who had begun to explore the possibility that I was gay, I found myself angry and disappointed at the notion.  I did not want to be associated with campiness, rainbows, drag queens, promiscuity and other similar stereotypes.  Growing up my only experience of the word “gay” was negative.  At age 10 my family moved to Sale in Manchester just in time for me to start Year 6 of Primary School.  I had never experienced bullying before I moved to Manchester – having had a fairly cheerful few school years spread across North Yorkshire, Blackburn and County Durham beforehand.  This was to change and thus began the first year of my life that I could truly call miserable. Continue reading