About Sam

My name is Sam.  I’m in my mid to late 20s.  I have a few geeky interests but I can laugh about it.  I have a like for Japanese inspired Superheroes and their international adaptations.  Over the years I’ve dabbled with the Japanese language – my interest being quite niche in that I am only interested in one of the three syllabaries, Katakana, including the pronunciation and benefits of a language using a syllabary rather than an alphabet. I absolutely adore British Comedy and find it to be the best of the genre in the world.  I rave about Hollyoaks and the team behind it – fantastic work; I am forever sticking up for my show as people seem to have this outdated view of it and will slag it off without even having seen it.  Bit foolish really to verbalise an opinion formed from nothing.  As such, I believe in always looking into something before making a judgement.

Long-time sufferer with a condition known as Dysthymia which is a form of persistent depression.  I was diagnosed at 25 however have been suffering since the age of 13.  Currently take a combination of Venlafaxine and Quetiapine but still trying to find a balance that works and will let me ‘see the light’.  Have tried multiple rounds of psychology and CBT including some group sessions but only recently made progress thanks to a Psychiatrist.  I also suffer badly with anxiety, although my medication seems to have this under control currently.  As a result of these hampering conditions, I’m not exactly where I was hoping to be in life at this age.  It’s a vicious circle situation unfortunately.

I eat Paleo, which is not a ‘diet’ in the commonly used sense of the word – more of a lifestyle choice such as Vegetarianism.  Paleo keeps me at my default weight and build, as I have struggled in the past with my weight and with eating disorders too (both extremes, another side effect of the previous paragraph).  I currently try to have a “Treat Day” or “Treat Weekend” though at weekends, which usually involves a gluttonous amount of sweets, chocolate and ice cream (my caveat).  Despite eating Paleo, I do believe in the wonders of modern medicine – two things which are generally incompatible; however I rely on the latter far too much to give it up and become ill again.

Not sure what else I can really say other than I’m compassionate, honest, diligent and am a strong supporter of Anti-Theism and Anti-Censorship.  I’m really not very interesting…

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