The little things you miss the most

I was watching TV in bed last night and I saw a scene featuring a photocopier that kept jamming.  A flood of memories came back to me about the printer in my old office – it would jam up constantly and crinkle pages beyond belief.  The thing is… I miss that bloody printer!  It got me thinking just how much I miss everything about that office.  My little safe-haven, neat and tidy… everything at a precise angle and dust free.

The company website I designed and ran

Every time I walk past where the Online Learning Centre once was, I am filled with memories of my happy times working there.  I taught adult learners IT, Business Administration and sometimes helped them with Maths and English.  These were people who had left school for whatever reason when they were younger and now wanted to better themselves.  It gave me that warm fuzzy feeling inside when I helped them achieve something, even if it was something as simple as scoring 10 out of 10 on a little test.  I miss my students too… people like bubbly Carmel who thrived on learning everything about Microsoft Office.  Sweet Janine who had an ambition to find work in an office.  My lovely Tuesday morning IT-for-the-elderly class students…  quiet Christopher, recently widowed, being encouraged to learn how to use the Internet so that he can e-mail his son in Australia.  Marlies, a German lady who really just needed some company… we had many a chat.  I miss my colleagues… we made such a brilliant team.  I loved dabbling in the Childcare courses with them.  I loved running the company’s Twitter account and website single-handedly and producing all the company marketing material.  I found it hilarious when my partner Craig stopped by to meet me before I left and he’d be so bored that I would give him some colouring pencils and paper, sit him at a colleague’s empty desk and let him draw – as if I had brought my son to work.

Craig, hard at work colouring in whilst he waits for me to finish

It’s such a shame that a wonderful little company that had been running for nearly 15 years had to close down.  So many people we had helped achieve more from their lives.

My old ID badge… happy memories

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